VMware NSX – VCA6-NV exam details

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You can find the exam details with the blueprint on the following link :



The VCA6-NV exam is about network virtualization using VMware NSX.


The exam itself is not that expensive compare to what I get used with Cisco and it can be done online.

Even if this exam is not a pre-requisite for the higher level certification, I think it is still a good idea to start at the bottom and not skipping out learning stages.


I advise you to create an account on the VMware training website in order to get full access.


The VMware communities forum is a good place to find information, ask questions and interact with others.



A lot of information can be found in the VMware official document.

Here the link for all the NSX documentation:




The vSphere networking guide is also an important document to have a look at:



Here is a couple of blog to read about NSX:






To get further, you can check out the following link :




I will update this post during my VCA6-NV journey when I found out more information.


In the next post we will have a look at how to get hands on NSX.

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VMware NSX VCA6-NV exam details